18 Service Pillars: Make the Client Look Good

September 24, 2018

Make the Client Look Good

In the context of our 18 Pillars, making the client look good should never be used to justify self-promotion or pandering.

The underlying tenet of this pillar is to always give credit where credit is due. None of our projects are done in a vacuum, and our work is not just our work alone.

While our technical skills, industry knowledge, and practical experience bring great value to the process, the solution is not our creation.  It is ultimately up to the customer to determine how best to address their challenges and implement plans to address them.  As such, the customer invests in and owns each solution.

Ultimately, our job is to coach, to mentor, to teach, and to help implement.  When the job is done, as with any group effort, the folks doing the heavy lifting deserve the credit.

When the game is done, the coach hits the shower and the players take the victory lap.  It isn’t the trainer on the medal stand.  That spot is reserved for the team who took the risks, put in the hard work, made the sacrifices, and finished on top.

This pillar is here to remind us of our role in the process and to make sure the customer takes home the glory.

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