Our Advisors are available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics that focus on improving the health of your business, from HR and compliance to marketing and leadership. We frequently present at industry association meetings and conferences.

Presentations are one to two hours long, starting at $1,600 plus expenses.

Our Speakers

Gary Crouch

Gary Crouch has built a career out of building, growing, and managing small businesses, as well as helping other small- to medium-sized business owners. He is an expert in business leadership and cultivating company culture.

Linda Hollingsworth

Linda Hollingsworth is a certified project manager, and has spoken about project management best practices to multiple industries.

Sheri Blaho

Sheri Blaho has experience leading sales teams, building marketing plans, and ensuring the two departments work together seamlessly.

Shawn Slavin

Shawn Slavin is a leading industry expert in business process reengineering, choosing and implementing systems that greatly increase effectiveness and efficiency within a business.

Tina Crouch

Tina Crouch is a social media and content marketing manager who has led company workshops, maintained the social presence of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies, and worked with local industry groups to provide event marketing through social media.

Rhonda Siex

Rhonda Siex draws from her experiences as a certified Human Resource professional with a first-hand knowledge spanning multiple industries.  She shares real life stories of what she learned in Workforce Management, Communications, Employee and Labor Relations, Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Training and Development, Creating and Enforcing Company Policies, HRIS Administration/Implementation, Project Management and Team Building.
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