18 Service Pillars: Demonstrate Success

September 24, 2018

Demonstrate Success.

“Success is always measured against the client’s written objectives and can only be achieved when it is demonstrated to the client.  Always ensure that acknowledgement is communicated up and down throughout the client’s overview.”

There are several core components to this behavior:

We believe that consultants are not the final judge of whether an objective has been met, nor do they measure the quality of the service delivery.  These are both owned solely by the consumer of the services.

We also believe that we are never done with a task or project until the customer reviews our work and agrees that we are done.

If you agree with the two previous points, then you’ll understand the purpose for this Pillar.  Every consultant must meet with the customer when they have finished a task or project, show them what they have done, and allow the customer to determine if their objectives have been met and if they find value in the solution.  Only then is the job complete.

Lastly, even though the person you’ve meet signs off on the job, it behooves the consultant to ensure that the success is communicated within the customers’ organization. The greater the value delivered, the wider the success should be shared.

As you can tell, communicating success is not only about ensuring that we are always delivering value for our customers, it is also about taking credit for what we help our customer achieve and sharing it across the company. Success begets success.  When a customer knows they can count on you to bring value, they will seek you out the next time a new challenge comes up.

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