18 Service Pillars: Take Administrative Tasks Seriously

September 23, 2018

The truth is, administrative tasks aren’t sexy. No one likes doing the paperwork. Be they expense reports, timesheets, status reports, or staff meetings, they are required because they provide value to someone, and that someone may actually be you. Expense reports are necessary so the company can reimburse you for the monies you have spent on their behalf. They are also needed as the company may need to bill a customer for these expenses so they can stay in business and provide you a place to pursue your career.

Status reports and staff meetings help maintain clear lines of communications among the teams you work in.

If you feel that a particular task is redundant or brings no value, it is your responsibility as a trusted member of the team to bring this up.  This should result in one of two things;

1) you get educated on where the value of the process is recognized and better understand your role in the process or,

2) you identify an opportunity to improve your current processes.  I’m not promising that you will always agree with the value proposition or that you will enjoy completing the routine task.  However, you will know where it fits in the overall process and how your participation brings value to your team.

A great book is “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy. Everybody has things they don’t want or like to do, be they routine or not. The best way to address these is to schedule time early in your day to knock these out.  That way, the rest of your day is left open for the things you enjoy doing and you don’t spend any more time than necessary in worry or dread.

So, everyone, identify your frog, put it on your calendar, knock it out first thing, and move on with your day.

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