18 Service Pillars: Spend money as if it were your own

September 23, 2018

This Service Pillar is, again, summed up quite well with an explanation from our Executive Vice President, Shawn Slavin.

“I have had conversations with folks about traveling in the past. When told they are going to Chicago, Nashville, Orlando, or some other nice destination city, their eyes twinkle. That’s when I step in and tell them. ‘before you get all excited, traveling on an expense account doesn’t mean you have tapped into a rich new vein of “Other People’s Money!”’

I always explain that this Pillar is similar to: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” It also ties into constantly searching for value on our customer’s behalf.

When traveling for business, how you travel, where you stay, and what you eat on an expense account should reflect the more conservative of two thoughts: “If I were traveling on personal business, what would my budget be”, or “Does my choice reflect the spending philosophy of my customer?”.

When choosing a hotel, you should stay somewhere you feel comfortable and safe. Hampton Inn is a good choice. Comfortable doesn’t justify a five-night luxury suite at the Ritz Carlton. You don’t have to eat at McDonalds every meal but the latest entry on the Michelin Star list shouldn’t be on your dinning card either. And finally, a nice, full-size sedan from Budget or Avis is just fine. This isn’t the time to take a new Audi or Tesla for a spin.”

In short - spend the money for that expense account as if you owned the account! Then everyone is much happier.

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