18 Service Pillars: Focus on Delivering Value

September 24, 2018

Focus on Delivering Value

While we all try to serve others in one way or another, it isn’t always easy to do or to do the right way.  Before you just jump in “fixing things” that need "fixing from your perspective of things, you need to confirm a few things first.

1)     Is there really a problem?

2)     Does the person you want to help think they have a problem?

3)     Do they want to fix it?

4)     What is the problem costing them in energy, time, dollars, and / or lost opportunities?

5)     If they want a fix, how soon do they want it?

6)     And last, do you have what is needed to deliver a solution?

Each of these must be answered before any “fixing” should start.  

The fundamental takeaway from this specific exercise is that VALUE is determined by the person receiving a service, product, or assistance. The team working on the project may the ones involved in trying to create the value, but it is the person receiving the goods or services who ultimately decides what the teams effort are worth to them. How many products do you pass by in a store because the price is higher than what you are willing to pay? Probably quite a few products, in fact, you pass by most of them. This is an example of you deciding that the value you would receive from owning the item does not exceed the price the seller is asking for. This is the entire basis of the free market economy--the voluntary exchange of goods and services.

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