18 Service Pillars: Exhibit Professionalism At All Times

September 24, 2018

Exhibit Professionalism at All Times

All of our 18 Service Pillars are important, but this one is especially easy to identify as applicable in the business world. It is also a broader topic than many may realize. Here are the building blocks of professionalism:

Knowledge – In this fourth age of industrialization, knowledge is the principal currency. What you know and how you apply it elevates a professional above a journeyman. Before you can apply knowledge, you must obtain it. Once achieved, it must be continuously maintained developed. This requires a constant investment of time and dollars spent on classes, self-study, and mentorship; continuously honing your skills.

Competency – This means having the skills needed and getting the job done. If you don’t know how, admit it and get help. And by the way, it also requires that you master the ability to say ‘No’ and ‘I don’t know’.

Honesty and Integrity – Keep your word and never compromise your values. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy but is mandatory nonetheless.

Accountable – Hold yourself accountable for your words, actions, and thoughts... and be willing to be held accountable by others.  Always be mindful of your thoughts as todays thoughts become tomorrow’s words, and those words will eventually show up in your actions.

Respect – Professionals must have and show respect for themselves and others. This requires authenticity, humility, gratitude, and a calm, business-like manner. This doesn’t mean haughtiness or sense of self-importance. Rather, it should be a manifestation of emotional intelligence. In other words; ‘Be Polite’ and kind, using good manners with everyone you meet or work with.

Appearance – For many, professionalism also requires that you look-the-part. This isn’t a form of superiority but rather confidence. It is a demonstration of mindfulness by dressing and grooming appropriately for each situation.

Reverence – For many of us at CS3, respect for God anchors everything. Being respectful of that higher power gives us an anchor and a compass by which we live our lives. This bleeds over into office behavior.

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