18 Service Pillars: Be Authentic

September 21, 2018

Be Authentic

"Be Authentic" is the Service Pillar that is all about being yourself, facing your fear, and not being swayed by anything other than your internal moral compass.

On the face of things, being authentic sounds easy, expected, and natural. Unfortunately, the truth is we all have internal fears that lead us to sometimes be dishonest about who we are. We adjust our behavior to ‘fit in.’ We hold back from speaking for fear of being criticized or abrasive to the environment. We don’t take risks for fear of failing or for what the pursuit of risk taking says about us. To be authentic, we must be willing to be rejected or disliked and we must be willing to shake up the status quo. The need to be real MUST be stronger the fear of failure. E.E. Cummings said it quite eloquently:

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Authenticity make us live our lives guided by our own internal compass. This gives you the fortitude to weather temptation and build self-confidence. Authentic people don’t let their fears prevent them from being themselves. Authentic people are respectful when they speak to themselves, about themselves, and about others. When we are authentic as employees, we are authentic as a company. That is a company you want to work for and a company you want to work with.

How can you be more authentic today?

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