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A Word of Appreciation from a CS3 Client: Tulco Oils

September 1, 2021

Tulco Oils, a Tulsa-based lubricant manufacturer, leveraged the advisory services of CS3 to select a new ERP solution. CS3 lead Tulsa through the design of what the solution should include, vetting all the vendors, and contract negotiations. After the software and vendor were selected, CS3 was then engaged to manage the implementation of the project in unison with the vendor.

Here is what Don Feltham, CFO of Tulco shared at the completion of the project:

Just wanted to let your team and Shawn know how successful the implementation of Deacom has been for Tulco. The investment in training and data conversion has paid off well. Tulco has been effectively operating on the Deacom ERP platform for two complete years without any major problems or disruptions.   Our employees continue to develop their use of the software and have embraced the data. The new system allowed Tulco to implement remote work in 2020 without missing a beat. On numerous occasions, Jeff Cope has remarked that he cannot believe how quickly everyone adapted and we could never have done this on the old system. While we had challenges with the lockdown and subsequent crashes in the oil fields, Tulco was able to adjust and move right along. The availability of information and quick closing cycle ( 1 day) allowed Tulco to quickly adapted to the changing conditions. The pandemic has forced everyone to think in terms of remote working and has changed our workforce for the better.
I know you always deal with problems and problem solving, so I thought I should do my part and let everyone know how successful the project has been. Please give my regards to Gary, Shawn, and the rest of the team there at CS3 Advisors
Don Feltham
Chief Financial Officer

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