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June 14, 2018

3. Have organized and well defined policies and procedures – While this may seem like an issue that is isn’t related to retention, it actually plays a very vital role. When an organization fails to be organized, is inconsistent in its protocols, and has conflicting or confusing records it can wear on employees pretty fast. An efficient and effective HR department is crucial in establishing credibility and good faith between employee and employer.

4. Promote effective communication throughout the various levels of management – No one wants to feel like they are less valuable than someone else, even when working at the most entry level position. Allowing people to effectively communicate between various levels allows these valuable lower level employees to know that their voice is heard. With employees feeling needed and valuable at even the lowest levels, they know that if they stay with the company their voice will always be heard.

5. Build relationships – The most sure fire way to keep employees, is to make them feel like they are not just employees. This doesn’t mean the company has to operate as a family or anything like that, but it does mean getting to know each individual, their dreams, their goals, what motivates them, and so on. When a human resource department can establish these relationships, trust is built, connections are made, and employees come out with a greater appreciation for the one that employs them.

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