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March 24, 2017

I’m sure you have heard your fair share of goal writing tips…they have to be “SMART”, etc. Today I want to change things up a bit and give you some tips you might not have heard as much to develop goals that will improve your life in its entirety and that you might actually accomplish!

First I want you to do a quick exercise with me. Set a timer for 30 seconds and write down the following…humor me and do it! Ready, set, go!

1. Where I am in 6 months…
2. Where I am in 1 year…
3. Where I am in 5 years…

Now that you have a starting point, let’s dive a little deeper on your goal writing techniques.

1. Develop goals that align with your values. We all have a story and all have different motivation to be better than who we are today. If your work goals aren’t supporting your life goals, you are bound to have some conflicts that will not be pleasant. Make an asserted effort to ascertain a list of your values and make sure that your goals for both work and personal are aligned accordingly.

2. Set goals that you have the ability to control. Think back to your past goals – do they depend on other people? I don’t know how many other people you’ve ever met, but many are generally undependable, especially when it comes to something is important to you but maybe not to them as much. Unless every aspect of the goal you set is under your control, you have very little likelihood of ever achieving it.

3. Think big. SMART tells us that our goals should be “attainable”, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t push you out of your comfort zone! Set goals that you aren’t quite sure that you can achieve and work your hind quarters off to do all you can to get there.

4. Timeline. I’m sure you have heard the saying “good things come to those who wait”, and there is some truth to that. Envision what your WHY is for accomplishing the goal and always keep that end in mind – regardless of how long it takes. Once you have that visualization, the steps to get there are fairly easy to plot out on your timeline.

Why don’t we accomplish our goals? We are all different have varying levels of fear. Take some time to evaluate your goals and see if you can come up with any “False Evidence that Appears Real”. When you find that evidence, get rid of it and power on!


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