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March 23, 2016

1. Put a “Family Tree”in the main entrance with all the employees’pictures on it
2. Take out a full page ad in the local paper each year to thank your employees. Be sure to list each employee by name.
3. Have the senior management team cook the employee’s breakfast.
4. Send the employees’family tickets to a movie after a long project or task keeps him/her away from home.
5. Give a “Golden Rule” award for the employee that is always kind and considerate.
6. Award the “Mentor of the Year”to the employee that is most helpful with co-workers development.
7. Offer a “Neatest Desk” award.
8. Provide a discount on company products or services.
9. Award points for attendance milestones that can be used toward perks or prizes.
10. Buy lottery tickets to give as a thank you for a job well done.
11. Take the team to an afternoon movie.
12. Have an employees’ car washed in the parking lot.
13. Change roles with an employee for a day.
14. Have a designated parking spot that is reserved for the “Employee of the Month.”when the need arises.
15. Set up community service projects and allow employees to donate time if they choose.
16. Flower Fund”for employees and their families if and when the need arises.
17. Let an employee attend a meeting in your place.
18. Host personal-interest courses at lunchtime or directly after work.
19. Encourage a workaholic to leave a few hours early. 20. Host an“Employee Appreciation Day” event.
21. Create a “Hall of Fame”with photos of outstanding achievers.
22. Re-assign work that an employee does not enjoy.
23. Implement job-sharing opportunities.
24. Recognize the “Odd Holiday of the Month”to celebrate little known fun events.
25. Host a bike tour, walk or other activity to promote teamwork and a family atmosphere. 26. Do laundry for your employees. They drop it off and you pay for it.
26. Do laundry for your employees. They drop it off and you pay for it.
27. Ask an employee to act as a mentor for a new employee.
28. Establish a “Caught in the Act” program where management gives out vouchers when they observe good behaviors which can then be turned in for a reward after 10 are earned.
29. Throw a company party specifically in someone’s honor.
30. Provide every employee with their own printed business cards.

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