Bruno Teles

Director of Transition Strategy


Designing the Right Transition Strategy:

Building a successful business is not an easy task, and transitioning a business can be even harder. Finding the right transition strategy, preparing your company and yourself, and finally implementing the chosen strategy are important steps in order for you to maximize the value of your business. A transition strategy is not simply about selling your company. There are many ways to transition your business: transferring to the next generation, a recapitalization, a management buyout, a merger, as well as several other options.

No matter your choice, the best transition strategy is always the one that is able to maximize the value of your company at the same time you are able to achieve your personal goals.


Bruno has years of expertise improving businesses in various industries. During his years as a lawyer, he worked on restructuring energy companies that had been recently privatized, while concurrently performing due diligence of potential acquisition targets. His years in the law industry set the foundation for his work on identifying potential targets and covering all aspects of a merger or acquisition operation.

His work with international firms gives him a unique perspective and extended networking when reviewing alternatives for exit strategies.

Bruno assisted a family held firm with the analysis of multiple acquisition targets. The firm was specialized in commercial real estate and the owners were willing to transition their business to another industry. Bruno conducted all research regarding the most viable industries given the location and cash flow of the firm. Once the industry was selected, Bruno started the search for potential acquisitions, engaged with them, conducted the due diligence process, prepared valuations for these companies, and structured offers. The negotiation process allowed a reduction in excess of $1.5 million out of a total asking price of $9 million of the targeting companies.

As the planner of the Brazilian expansion of Oklahoma Safety Company – OSECO, Bruno managed all aspects of capital budgeting, marketing and sales structure, and legal aspects. His knowledge about the legal and tax system from Brazil allowed the company to save over $900,000 in OSECO’s Brazilian expansion. The strategy for the Brazilian market was considered so effective that OSECO’s parent company, the HALMA GROUP, requested Bruno to document and train all the manufacturing subsidiaries from France, England, Belgium, the US, and Netherlands with this expansion model.


MBA in Finance from Oral Roberts University

Juris Doctor, with more than 10 years practicing law in the Brazilian energy sector

Doctor in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance candidate, to finish in 2016

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